Anuncio de 12. octubre 2020

G DATA Mobile Security Android now protects against partner spying

Latest version offers ease of use and extensive security features

The new G DATA Mobile Security Android is now available for download in the Google Playstore. For the first time, the security app offers protection against stalkerware and identifies dangerous spyware apps. The app includes anti-malware scanning, theft protection, app control and web protection to protect smartphones and tablets against current fraud attempts. The latest test results from AV-TEST confirm the high level of protection provided by the G DATA solution.

The new version of the G DATA Mobile Security Android is available for smartphones or tablets in the Google Playstore and in the G DATA Online Shop. It is compatible with   Android 5.0 or higher. A one-device licence costs 15.95 euros per year. Users of G DATA Mobile Security Android with a current licence can upgrade free of charge.

The latest Mobile Malware Report from G DATA CyberDefense shows that Android smartphones and tablets remain very popular with cyber criminals. Security experts in Bochum identified more than two million new malware apps in the first half of 2020. “The smartphone has become not only a professional communication hub, but also a means of staying in touch with friends and relatives. It takes care of numerous - sometimes critical - functions, such as mobile payment, where data protection is crucial,” says Stefan Mutterlose, Mobile Development Team Leader at G DATA CyberDefense. “An up-to-date, comprehensive security solution protects users from unpleasant surprises caused by harmful apps and is part of the basic equipment for every mobile phone.

New: Protection against stalkerware

For the first time, the app also offers protection against stalkerware. Stalkerware offers the possibility of penetrating a person's private life and is used as a tool for abuse in cases of domestic violence and stalking. These kinds of programmes run secretly in the background, without the victim's knowledge or consent. As part of regular app scans, the security app checks the properties of the installed apps. If any of them match the characteristics of stalkerware, such as extensive access to messages or data, users receive an appropriate warning message. A help button is also built in. This function provides users with information on how they should deal with the detected infection. For example, it is important to check whether removing stalkerware could potentially cause more damage than immediately approaching law enforcement agencies. The perpetrator could be tipped off to the removal of the stalkerware and might either attempt to destroy evidence or even threaten the victim, escalating the level of abuse.

New design and excellent protection performance

The completely re-engineered G DATA Mobile Security Android App not only offers comprehensive protection against current threats, but also simple and intuitive operation thanks to a new user interface. On the home page itself, users are given a simple yet full overview of the current security status. The various areas can be individually configured via just a few tabs.

How well the mobile security app protects Android users from malware is proven by the latest research by renowned research institute AV-TEST. G DATA Mobile Security Android performed impressively every time, seven times in a row, with a 100 percent detection rate, and received full marks in the three test areas of protection, speed and usability.

Key features in G DATA Mobile Security Android

  • Seamless malware scanner with Advanced Scan
    Either on installation of a new app or in software already loaded, two scan engines always ensure that all malware is detected. Thanks to the cloud connection, virus protection is always up-to-date.
  • Theft protection
    Anti-theft protection allows the smartphone or tablet to be found remotely and to protect any data on the device  from unauthorised access. Via the G DATA ActionCenter, the device can be located, reset to factory settings or locked from further use. Alternatively, an alarm sound can be triggered.
  • Web Protection
    With web protection, users can surf the Internet safely at all times. It immediately notifies users when they access a known phishing site. The cloud connection ensures that the web protection recognises the latest phishing sites.
  • App checking
    App checking enables all installed apps plus the permissions granted to them to be displayed on the smartphone or tablet. “Snooping” apps can thus be detected and easily removed. Using filters, the installed apps can be grouped according to their authorisations, and access to individual apps can be protected by G DATA Mobile Security.


Anuncio de 12. octubre 2020

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